Latest release!

Good morning everyone! Just released a new video! Here it is! Le J Collective arrangement and live performance of a Bob Marley/Khailash Kher medley! The whole process of putting this project together brought me so much joy. Audio and video recording this live in a studio full of amazing musicians and great friends was an experience I will never forget.. A huge thanks to all of the wonderful musicians , Aditya Prakash, Mic Holden, Owen Clapp, Colin Mcdaniel, Asa Watkins, Jonah Levine, Mark Einhorn, and the audio/visual crew, Nick Depinna, Grady Shon, Nils Montan, Austin Quan, Josh Frank, Yev Belilovskiy, Arthur Hong, Mike Surh, Umberto Belifiore, for contributing your talents and bringing this vision to life! Mom, dad, sis, James Newton, family, and friends, thank all of you for your constant motivation and support! Enjoy the video and please share if you like it! Also, please be sure to check out everyone's websites by clicking on a link or video that comes right after the credits at the end! Have a great day!

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