Just released my new music video and album today! Thank you everyone involved and thank you to all of the beautiful people in my life!

"Between Worlds"

Lejkeys - "Cheers" feat. Ari Afsar

Currently on the road programming and touring with Jhene Aiko for her new Trip Album! So happy for her and thankful to have this special woman in my life. I have also finished my album finally :)
"Between Worlds" album Preorders are up!
Full release next week!
Thank you everyone!

Jhene Aiko's album "TRIP" now available!
"New Balance" and "Picture Perfect" produced by yours truly and sprinkled all over of the rest of the album!
Touring with her will start getting very busy soon but until then, I will be putting the final touches on my album :)
Can't wait to show you all! Thank you for all your support through the years!

Sorry guys! Busy with my ALBUM! It should be done soon and I cant want to show you all!
Go to my IG to stay updated! Thanks!

Been a crazy few months!
I'm moved back into the Bay Area and get to help out at my parent's music school PMA in Milpitas whenever I'm not on tour =)
Just got off an Euro tour with Khalid and doing other short run with him in the US before I go to Japan! So excited to see everyone, hangout, make music, and see cherry blossoms haha!
Also I finished a deadline early so I released this EP early. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays
Back from Japan and living in the Bay Area
Focusing on production for a couple months. A few placements in the works ;)
Will be doing shows in the Bay Area soon though =)
Stay updated with new releases and music on my IG @LEJKEYS or Soundcloud!


Currently on tour with Jhene Aiko fam on the High Road Tour opening for Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg
Japan Bound in September to finish up the second half with the AI crew
Just released some new videos from my concert at the Blue Whale this year. Enjoy!

Having a great time in Japan
Adventure time haha!
Just finished a new remix of one of my favorite Jhene Aiko x Fisticuffs songs "The Pressure".
"The Pressure" LE J remix
Original VERSION by Jhene Aiko and Fisticuffs

Hi! Sorry for the late update. Things have been crazy with moving but I'm all settled down in Japan now and touring with AI. I've also been stuffing my face with sushi and ramen. Nice to finally have time to work on projects =). First off, thank you everyone so much for coming to Le J Collectives Blue Whale show! You guys were absolutely wonderful and your energy/spirit continues to drive me to explore new musical boundaries. Live video from the show coming soon! Check back regularly for new releases!
In the mean time, here is the latest project I worked on. It was a crazy day for everyone but I'm so happy we were all able to get together and record this video!

Sorry been a while!
New track enjoy!

New Le J Collective album set to release in APRIL
Album release shows in APRIL
Le J Collective Japan tour TBD
I'll be touring Australia with Jhene Aiko in February
I'll be embarking on a 6 month stadium tour with AI May-December ! Come visit!

New track I just finished featuring the homie Justin Park‚Äč aka Azure!
Enjoy, share, subscribe
Happy Thursday!!!

Also check out David Foster's We Love Disney album track "Very good advice" feat Jhene AIKO Co produced/recorded/arranged by Julian Le

Hey everyone!
Haven't posted anything a while and I stumbled upon some old Blue Whale videos from back in April when we were opening for Aditya Prakash Ensemble.
Here is a video of my trio trying out one of my newer compositions "The Warlock". It has been an honor hanging, learning, playing, and growing with these guys.
I wrote this thinking initially thinking about the broomstick scene from fantasia and it just kind of wandered into other fairy tailish things.
Owen Clapp - bass
IG: @Owenclapp
Colin McDaniel - drums
Julian Le - LeJ - piano
IG: @LeJKeys

Filmed and editied by Ricky Chavez


Just got maybe studio setup lookin right today and started developing an electronic show.
Headed to South Africa with Jhene Aiko in a few days and then coming home to the Bay area for a show in SF at Pop tarts event as well. Been working on new music so stay tuned! Stay updated by subscribing to my soundcloud on the right. Happy summer and enjoy the beach, Beer, BBQ, ALL THAT! Peace!

I can't thank everyone enough for making last night one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Having the opportunity to share my music and the music of my incredible band mates with family and friends in my hometown was an absolute blessing. You guys were an amazing audience! Thank you La Pena for hosting! Have a great summer and we hope to perform in the bay area again soon!

All the best,
Julian Le

PS: Please take a second to check out all of the band members and their music. Also, sorry everyone, I am all out of hard copies of my CD but if you click on my website below, you will find that my album is available for free download.

Had a great time in Europe! However it's good to be back!
Doing a quick hit with George Watsky in Alaska and then the rest of of the time will be spent prepping for my show Le J Collective at La Pena in Berkeley JUNE 19th!!!
Info available below!
Tickets available here!

Officially a @Roland_US artist now!
New interview here!
Q&A: Alum musician Julian Le talks about touring, life after UCLA
New videos up on youtube! Clock on the youtube icon top right!
Getting ready to head out on tour with Jhene Aiko in Europe!

Upcoming shows:
JUNE 19th

Le J Collective

Venue: La Pena
3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705

Aditya Prakash - Vocals
Shiva Ramamurthi - Violin
Owen Clapp - Bass
Colin McDaniel - Drums
Le J (Julian Le) - Bass

Ticket prices ($10 adv, $15 Door)
advance tickets availabe at lapena.org

The Le J Trio and Aditya Prakash trio show will be video and audio recorded live!
Blue Whale April 7th! It's going to be a great night of original music! Come join us!


Aditya Prakash-vox
Shiva Ramamurthu-violin
Salar Nader-tabla
Owen Clapp-bass
Colin Mcdaniel-drums
Le J-piano

Track by Aditya Prakash!

New track released a while back!

Erykah Badu-On n On Remix (Le J Remix feat Greg F-

New track posted on soundcloud!

7th April Blue Whale - Le J Trio and Aditya Prakash Ensemble
JUNE 18th La Pena in Berkeley - Le J Trio and Aditya Prakash

- ASA and LEJ vibe night!!!! Confirmed soon!

Follow Le J:

First 80 PPL free admission
after that $5 per person!

Tentative Blue whale with my acoustic trio on April 9th
Confirmed J Cole/Jhene Aiko EURO tour in MAY!!!

Hope everyone had a great holidays!
Finished Jhene Aiko's "Enter the Void" tour feeling very inspired. I feel like ideas have been flooding my brain and I cant wait to get them out haha! Can't wait to show you all this new music! Will be releasing a short trailer for my new project end of the month so stay tuned!

So excited for 2015! Happy New Years!

Please take a second to follow my facebook music page for updates! Just click the blue facebook icon on the top right. Thanks!



Good morning everyone! Just released a new video! Here it is! Le J Collective arrangement and live performance of a Bob Marley/Khailash Kher medley! The whole process of putting this project together brought me so much joy. Audio and video recording this live in a studio full of amazing musicians and great friends was an experience I will never forget.. A huge thanks to all of the wonderful musicians , Aditya Prakash, Mic Holden, Owen Clapp, Colin Mcdaniel, Asa Watkins, Jonah Levine, Mark Einhorn, and the audio/visual crew, Nick Depinna, Grady Shon, Nils Montan, Austin Quan, Josh Frank, Yev Belilovskiy, Arthur Hong, Mike Surh, Umberto Belifiore, for contributing your talents and bringing this vision to life! Mom, dad, sis, James Newton, family, and friends, thank all of you for your constant motivation and support! Enjoy the video and please share if you like it! Also, please be sure to check out everyone's websites by clicking on a link or video that comes right after the credits at the end! Have a great day!

New single just dropped!
"This is the Time" feat Anderson Paak, Jimetta Rose, Mic Holden

Had a blast making this track! A big thank you to Mic Holden, Jimetta Rose, Anderson Paak, Owen Clapp, Colin Mcdaniel, Nick Depinna, Jordan Calhoun, Umberto Belfiore for contributing their talents to this project! Enjoy and please take a second to like my facebook page. For a free download go to:


Facebook link:

IG/twitter: @Lejkeys

NEW LE J SINGLE featuring Anderson Paak, Jimetta Rose, Mic Holden being released NOV 18th on BANDCAMP!
NEW LE J COLLECTIVE live performance video of an arrangement of a Bob Marley/Kailash Kher medley being released NOV 20th!
Check back for updates!

Just got off the road with Jhene Aiko, Schoolboy Q, and the Weekend. Was stoked to come back to LA and play a show at the Blue Whale with my trio and Owen Clapp Ensemble! What a great Night. After this weekend, I will be hard at work on my album again and I have a new video waiting to be released. Additionally, stay tuned for a Bay area show with Le J Trio and Collective! It's going to happen! Stay Tuned!

Sorry it's been a while! But here's an update. I have a date a the Blue Whale with my group Le J Collective scheduled for October 30th! I will also be heading on the road with Jhene Aiko on the Weekend tour. Major congrats to her on an amazing album and album release!
I'm still working on my album but the first video project should be done soon! The video I just posted below has a sneak peak ;) Take care everyone and keep checking back for more news!

Just posted a new video! Just posted a new video remixing one of my favorite artists since middleschool, Erykah Badu! There's also a sneak peek to my upcoming project which I've been working on the past few months. Enjoy!

All keyboard parts were recorded live with sounds on the Yamaha Mo6.

@Lejkeys IG and Twitter

Just finished an awesome live video performance with Le J collective! I can't wait to show you guys the project! I will be releasing it with an album as well. Other than that, I will be opening for Moonchild at the bootleg on June 15th and then doing spot dates with various artists. It's about to be a great summer =)!!! Ooooo last but not least, an East coast tour with Ape and Le J collective seems very likely in september! Keep you guys posted!!!

New video out with Le J collective feat. Mic Holden, Amber Ojeda, Owen Clapp, Colin Mcdaniel! Love playin with these people! Also thank you to Nick Depinna, Nils Montan, Grady Shon, Demetrios katsontonis, Julia Le, Itai Shapira for making it happen! I'm still hard at work on new music for you all! Some acoustic trio stuff as well as some groove stuff featuring many rappers and singers that I love working with! In other news heading to DC with Judith Hill tomorrow to play Cherry Blossom Festival! Should be a great one!

Le J - Rainy Days (Live)
Live performance and some vibes inspired by the rainy weather. Took about 40 tries to get a drum loop that actually worked. I spent more time running back and forth between the camera than I did playing piano ...sooo WATCH IT!!! Haha I kid I kid Enjoy! Dilla forever!
Le J Collective Album coming soon!!!

Awesome show last night! Always a pleasure rockin with the homies @micholden @adiprak @jonahlevine @owenclapp @colinmcdaniel! Vibe at the bootleg was so dope! @wilbertaband and @bowersmusik frickin murdered their sets too! Such good vibes....

Been working on a lot of new material! Got another video ready to be recorded in late march!
Can't wait to show you all!

LEJKEYS COLLECTIVE AT THE BOOTLEG FEB 6th at 9PM! (Doors at 8PM 21+ $8 cover)
Really excited for this one! Got an incredible crew with me (Jonah Levine, Mic Holden, Owen Clapp, Colin McDaniel) and a lot of great original music! It's gunna be a jammin night of heavy high energy blast beats and more so come through haha! Can't wait to rock for yall! Cya there!



Track: sketch track idea for the album

Track: A draft I've been working on for Bob Marley's "Is this Love" . Just looking for someone to sing it

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is having a great time with their family and friends! Just got back from an awesome east coast run with Judith Hill! Finished recording a live performance video with Mic Holden, Amber Ojeda, Owen Clapp, and Colin Mcdaniel of an original! It should be out by late January, and I can't wait for you all to hear it It will be posted on my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/LeJkeys so check back or follow me on instagram and twitter @LeJKeys ! Have a bunch of other videos I plan on recording in January and February as well with Anderson Paak and Kana Shimanuki. Still hard at work o the LeJKeys Collective album, and it is definitely one of the funnest projects I've worked on! Can't wait to announce new shows and let you guys hear this new music!

My album "The Journey" is now up on Bandcamp and available for download! Thank you Jonah Levine, Kana Shimanuki, Aditya Prakash, Owen Clapp, Colin McDaniel, Nick DePinna, Julia Le, Umberto Belfiore, Dori Amarilio, the whole "steps" crew, family and friends, for makin it happen! I'm already hard at work on my next album with the LeJKeys Collective! In the meantime hope you guys enjoy this one =)!

Still sappy and emotional about yesterday ... All the friends, mentors, teachers, musicians, people that came out to support me at my very first album release, I am so happy that I got to share this magical night with all of you! Thank you all so much. You guys were an incredible audience! And of course all of this wouldn't been possible without my amazing musicians who I also consider to be some of my closest friends, Kana Shimanuki, Mic Holden, Aditya Prakash, Amber Ojeda, Jonah Levine, Owen Clapp, Colin McDaniel. These artists never cease to amaze me... And finally thank you Joon Lee for hosting. Couldn't have asked for anything better than a packed house at the blue whale for my album release party. Enjoy your CD's and we hope to perform for you guys again in the future !

Much love
Julian Le (LeJKeys)

Down to the last two shows of this incredible Josh Groban / Judith Hill tour! Has really been an honor playing with this band! But I also cant wait to get back to LA and rock out with ma peoples at the Blue Whale Nov 19th 8pm ! Album release show! Cya there!

I am currently on the road playing keys for Judith Hill opening for Josh Groban on his tour! She is an absolute blast to work with and being around her energy has definitely been inspiring me to keep cooking up musical ideas!
Album Release show for LE J TRIO album "The Journey" set for Nov 19 at the Blue Whale! Excited to finally be able to rock out with my bros Colin McDaniel, Owen Clapp, and the Collective again!
LeJKeys Collective Album is in the works right now ;)
Can't wait to get back and start working on all these projects!
Also be on the look out for a new series on ABC "mixology" next year. Music from the Lejkeys Collective has already been confirmed to be aired on episode 3 woohoo!

Le J album "The Journey" Available now! Shoot an email to Lejkeys@gmail.com to purchase!
Just got off a great Euro-festival tour with George Watsky! Now to work on some new material! I will be releasing single tracks and videos until I leave on tour again with Judith Hill opening for Josh Groban Oct 1- Nov 16

Le J album "The Journey" Available now! Shoot an email to Lejkeys@gmail.com to purchase!
About to embark on a 2 week Euro tour with George Watsky!
When I get back, really looking forward to start working on a Le J Collective album!
Also dates to look at for:
Aug 22 Aditya Prakash ensemble at RG CLUB!
Sept 21 MARA production with APE and Shakti dance company at FORD theatre!

My first full length album just came in the mail! If you want an early copy shoot an email to Lejkeys@gmail.com! Will have album showcases in the bay late September or October! Thank you so much to Aditya Prakash, Kana Shimanuki, Jonah Levine, Owen Clapp, Colin McDaniel, the "steps" crew, James Newton, Kenny Burrell, Umberto belfiore, Nick DePinna, Dori Amarilio, friends and family for making this project possible!

Taking Pre Orders for LE J Album "The Journey" now! 10$ 10 tracks!
Please shoot an email to LeJKeys@Gmail.com!

Just received the masters for my album today! Going to start printing on Monday and it will be available end of June! Here's an original composition of mine on the album entitled "Breve Encontro" feat Kana Shimanuki on vocals (lyrics by Kana), Owen Clapp on bass, and Colin McDaniel on drums! Recorded by Dori Amarilio, mixed by Nick DePinna, mastered by Umberto Belfiore. Also thank you to Aditya Prakash, Jonah Levine, James Newton, family and friends, who helped make my very first full length album happen! Enjoy!

June 20th 9:45 PM Le J Trio at RG Club
August 22nd Aditya Prakash Ensemble at RG Club
September 21st Mara production at Ford Theatre feat Shakti Dance and APE ensemble
Le J Album "The Journey" Release shows in LA and the Bay pending in August and September!

Album coming out end of June! Getting printed as we speak! Album release show is scheduled for September! Doing an Europe festival tour with George Watsky July 6-23 and playing Rock the Bells with Jhene Aiko in September! Also Mara production by Aditya Prakash Ensemble on sept 21st at Ford theatre!
Other than that still working on music with Mic Holden and Amber Ojeda after receiving interest from Hidden Beach record label!

Le J Album "The Journey" in the process of being mixed and mastered! Had a meeting with Hidden Beach record label because of the buzz from the "steps" video! Album will be released end of June!

Final day of recording the trio! All I have left is my solo piano piece! Can't wait to show you guys this album which is now called "the journey" haha! @adityaprakash @kanashimanuki @jonahlevine117 @obicbass @colinmcdaniel y'all blessed this album! Thank u so much!
Album release scheduled for late May!
Check Calendar for gigs! Have a cool one coming up at Royce Terrace with my trio for the Brad Mehldau concert!

Just released a new LeJKeys Collective video feat Mic Holden, Amber Ojeda, and Aditya Prakash! Hope you guys enjoy it! If you feel like donating, please click on the paypal button =) or download the track Free download HERE!!! "STEPS"!. If you like what you see and hear, please send donations via PayPal for LeJKeys@gmail.com. All donations will go towards breaking even on the expenses of the project so I can work on a new one =) ! Thanks! Also, just had a very successful second recording session for my new album "Puzzle Pieces" or "The Journey" (Still deciding...) so stay tuned for that! Thanks!

Recording the album "Puzzle Pieces"
Gunna be MIA for a minute

New Lejkeys Trailer made by my sis for my new Album "Puzzle Pieces" feat Colin McDaniel ,Owen Clapp, Aditya Prakash, Kana Shimanuki and an upcoming video project feat Mic Holden and Lejkeys Collective! This track features Fabiano Do Nascimento on guitar and Rumeal Eggleston on bass! Enjoy!

This month has been so busy! Lots of Aditya Prakash and Jhene shows! I finally had my first show at the Blue whale with my quartet which consisted of Jonah Levine, Owen Clapp, Colin Mcdaniel, feat Aditya Prakash and Kana Shimanuki! Had a blast that night! Thank you to all the wonderful musicians, the people that came out, Joon Lee and the Blue whale! Check out some neat footage at my youtube channel! Already set my first recording date in march!

I'm at Magianos with my trio every friday except for the first friday of each month from 6:30pm-10pm! Im going to record my album in either late January or mid February! It will be mainly acoustic jazz trio with some specials guests! Also producing some songs for Arianna Afsar!
Arianna Afsar!
Also check out my new track I'm Flyin!
Doing a live performance video with a surprise MC mid February as well! Other than that check the calendar for dates with the amazing Aditya Prakash and Jhene Aiko!

My first legit video!
I Arranged "The Christmas Song" for the holidays! Enjoy!
Thank you friends and fam for your support!

Kana Shimanuki - Vocals @KANAsings kanamusic.com
Rumeal Eggleston - Bass @rebass_2
Asa Watkins - Drums
Julian Le - Keys/Arrangement @Lejkeys lejkeys.com
Video Production and filming:
Furis Chung @iamfuris
Julia Le
Audio Production and Mixing:
Asa Watkins
Julian Le

New Dillalude Check it!

Hittin on Friday ***LIVE Key Club**** BILAL/SHAFIQ HUSAYN & DOVE SOCIETY special guest CHRIS "DADDY" DAVE, ROBERT GLASPER, D'ANGELO FRIDAY DEC 7, 2012 DOORS OPEN 9pm. Supposedly Rob and Dangelo gunna sit in on drums LOL! Geeked to meet one of my main influences Robert Glasper. I love his playing but what has really influenced me the most are his ideas about music creation and ideals, life etc... inspiring!

Got two last shows on the NAS/MsHill/JheneAiko tour. Hittin at the Wiltern on Friday and Saturday! Then I'm finally going to have some downtime to work on my album of all original compositions and arrangements =) I am Geeked! Would like to take a moment to thank all my friends and family, mentors and teachers. All the opportunities I have received would not have been possible without yall. Peace!

Been so caught up with hip hop, pop that I kind of lost track of my love for jazz hehe. Glad i stumbled upon these video clips!

It's offical! I will be touring with Jhene Aiko opening for Nas and Lauryn Hill! October 26 to November 26! Also I will be headlining at UCLA Arts in the Union. With me I will have Mic Holden, Arianna Afsar, Charlie Domingo aka Dobrega, Emile Martinez, Jonah Levine, Camille Ramirez, Brijesh Pandya, Ryan Thomas!!! I will post a link for this soon!
Mic Holden Bancamp!
Arianna Afsar!
UCLA Arts in the Union!

Been slackin on the material but have some cool shows coming up!
Hittin wit Jhene Aiko in Louisiana on the 10th and with Ape in New York on the 29th!

Been back from tour for a minute! Just getting things rolling again. Got a lot of gigs coming up. I need to put my projects on hold till next month just because a lot of things are going on right now. Also check out Aditya Prakash! He is releasing a new album and the release show will be on the 15th at the electro lodge! We are also performing at the blue whale again on the 19th! Check the calendar for more details! Meanwhile here is some footage from the Watsky DFD tour! I also had the chance to play with Watsky in Toronto! Good Vibes!
Also have a lot of tours pending right now

Bout to leave on tour allover the US! I will be performing with DFD and Breezy Lovejoy on GWatsky's tour!
Check out the dates! Georgewatsky.com
Here is a little video someone posted of the CHarles Mingus Ensemble enjoy!

I will be working on many projects when i get back in August. Can't wait!

JUST GRADUATED FROM UCLA!!! So ready to start recording all of my projects so stay tuned! Touring with Dumb and Breezy in July! ALSO check out APE if you have not yet. We will be playing on the 20th at Bootleg theater! Heres some footage from our packed out show at the BLUE WHALE!!! Energy was so high and the crowd was great. PEACE!

Sorry, ran into some technical difficulties with the video trailer. The project will be delayed until august so stay posted. Mean while, lots of cool stuff coming up. I will be tagging along with the George Watsky US tour performing with Dumbfoundead and the Breezy Lovejoy band! So check out his site for dates! It's going to be awesome! Also, the ADitya Prakash ensemble will be performing tomorrow at Kaufman rm 200 12Pm and at the blue whale on june 12th! Check the calendar for more updates!

Got all of the footage for the trailer!
Music is comin along nicely. Lots of dates coming up check the calendar! Trailer should be out within a couple days! COOL!

BIGG PROJECT COMIN UP!!! I PROMISE!! Meanwhile enjoy this lil clip! dillaludeeee

Tracks from senior recital posted!
Go to the menu on the left, click on "Music" and then "Live" ! EnJOY!!
Check Calendar for more dates!

Just rocked a show last night wit YahZarah Ms. Purple St. James backed by the Breezelovejoy band! Always so refreshing to play with such incredibly talented yet humble vocalists...

Hittin in Pomona with Dumbfoundead today!

Back in school! Already have lots of shows coming up with various artists such as Yahzara, Breezy Lovejoy, Shafiq Husayn, and Dumbfoundead! Im putting something together at Bruin Plaza at 12 pm on the 23rd to promo for Jazz Reggae Fest! Getting ready to record this album and I will be releasing youtube videos more regularly now so check em out!
Also peep Iman Omari! Hes dope!

Been doing a lot of recording sessions with Shafiq Husayn. Officially on a track with Robert GLasper, Derrick Hodge, Breezy Lovejoy, and Shafiq. AWESOME!!! Big ups to Owen Clapp, Jonah Levine, and Colin Mcdaniel for playing their hearts out at my senior recital! Thank you all for coming and making it a memorable evening! Had a great gig with Cold Blooded Soul at the EL Rey theatre as well! FInals week is coming up so going to take the gigging easy for a little while... but I have a gig today with the fantastic Asa Watkins and poet Karen Clarke at Pips today at 8pm! Going to be tight! The UCLA JAzz Ambassadors album is here so holla at me if you want a copy! It's Free! I have all my material together for the new album and I will start recording next week. Also will post recordings of my senior recital soon!

My Senior recital is coming UP! March 9th 5-6 pm at Popper theatre woohoo!!! going to be doing mostly original music composed by myself.
The same day, i will be opening for Pac Div and Thurz with this new band called cold blooded soul! Check em out they're dope!
Can't wait!!!!
Also working on a new track and collaborating with Brennan King on a video concept. Stay tuned! I will be releasing more stuff once I get through this quarter at UCLA. Works been piling up haha.
UCLA Jazz ambassadors CDs just arrived!

Maaannn so much stuff has been goin on! Had a real good experience opening for Stanley Clarke at Catalinas...what a band... Senior recital coming up FREE! check it out! Mostly original music !! http://www.facebook.com/events/228879787199691/
I am now part of the production team for DFD's new album along with Breezy Lovejoy and Duke Westlake. Looking forward to that =)! Keep checkin the calendar!

Midterm week... Got time for a quick update though! Just finished great shows with Shafiq, Dumbfoundead, and Breezy Lovejoy! ALL Smaasshhiinn!!! Check out collegeroots.com. Being featured on there! Check Calendar for more shows! UCSD ill c you on the 19th haha!

Still workin hard on the album! PAYACE!!!

Had a dope gig at the key club with ELZHI (dude is so underrated...) Breezy Lovejoy, and Divinity Roxx (Beyonce's bass player) at the Key Club! So many more shows coming up check the calendar! Also check out this new track I made. Got inspired by Justin Timberlake and Joker...

James Hob Small, Gabe Lambirth. Mic Holden, Nina Kasuya, Arkae Tuazon, Erik Shiboski, Jonah Levine, Emile Martinez. Joe Kwon, Noah Rosen, Kiefer Shackelford ... MANN!!! WHAT A SHOW!!!! YALL ENERGY IS CRAZY!!!! and Thank you so much to the "Concert at the co-op" staff for putting on such an amazing event!!!!!

Got dates with Breezy Lovejoy, Iman Omari, and Dumbfoundead coming up!!! check out the calendar!!!!

Just had an amazing show with Courtney Knott, Moses Sumney, Nina Kasuya, James Hob Small, Gabe Lambirth, Mic Holden, Jonah Levine, Emile Martinez, Noah Rosen, Kiefer Shackelford at Kerckhoff! Dope music Dope crowd!!! Waiting to hear back about the 12th opening for stanley Clarke. Breezy Lovejoy show on the 13th. Also playing Dumbfoundead shows on feb 16th and 19th!!! Check the calendar for more!!!
Footage from the rehearsal!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Just uploaded a bunch of tracks under all the different categories! Enjoy!

This is a recording from a gig we did in France (UCLA Jazz Ambassadors)
More clips of this under the live section
"Cute" Benny Green Version

Jonah Levine - Trombone
Owen - Clapp - Bass
Julian Le - Piano
Philip Maniez - Drums


Wow! What a wonderful time gigging in Paris, Lyon, Durres, and Tirana with the UCLA Jazz Ambassadors! (Philip Maniez-Drums, Jonah Levine-Trombone, Owen Clapp-Bass, Julian Le-Piano) Glad my flights went smoothly and I was able to make it back the midnight before christmas eve. Hope you all had a jolly holiday celebration as well =) The UCLA jazz ambassadors have an album that is in the process of being mixed right now by the same engineer that did Ambrose's album. Everyone had such incredible originals. So nice to be around such talented and cool people. Thank you Friends of Jazz, Tim Rice Fund, Kenny Burrell, James Newton, NGO, Betsy Lewis, and the US Embassy in Tirana for making this trip possible. Anyways, as much as I miss Europe already, it is good to be home and it's time to work off all the cheese I have consumed...
Getting ready to record my new album and I can't wait!

Some footage of us warming up at our live recording at the Hot Club in Lyon

Check the calendar for more gigs!
Check the Youtube channel for more Videos!

Just finished my application for the Monk Institute!!!
Getting ready to tour france with my buddies Jonah Levine, Owen Clapp, and Philippe Maniez
We are also going to be play for the ambassador of Albania and they will be flying us out there as well!
Very excited to start recording my new album when i get back!!!
SO MUCH MUSIC SO MUCH GOODNESS!!!! JEAAA!!! I'll give yall a sample soon ;)

Kerckhoff show was EPIC!!! Thank you all for coming! Thank you CAC for puttin it together! Thank you Breezy LoveJoy, Mic Holden, Nina Kasuya, Jose Manuel Serrano Rios, Jonah Levine, Emile Martinez, Joe Kwon, Owen Clapp, Deejay Skitz, YALL ROCKED IT!!!

Stuff for the new album coming together very nicely!
Lotta shows coming up! (see calendar for details)
7th Breezy lovejoy, Mic holden, lejkeys collective! Gunna be a great show at Kerckhoff 7pm!
10th show with Kennard Ramsey at Catalinas
11th 12th Dumbfoundead Album Release shows! Still on top 10 itunes hip hop charts for his new album DFD!

Here is footage from todays rehearsal.

Here is a snippet from my original "movin on" which won one of the Downbeat 34th annual student awards (outstanding performance and composition).

Special thanks to some of the most sincere and wonderful professors, Kenny Burrell and James Newton, for always being there for me throughout my years at UCLA and continuing to teach me more about music and life every single day. Also a big thank you to the fine musicians and friends of the UCLA gluck ensemble who recorded on the song with me: Miles Freeman, Forrest Kazuo Mitchell, Zach Meyerowitz, Julian Cubillos, and Owen Clapp. Also Mom, Dad, Sis, friends and fam, this wouldn't have been possible without all of you =).

(Miles Freeman-sax, Zach Meyorwitz-trumpet, Forrest Mitchell-Drums, Owen Clapp-Bass, Julian Cubillos-Guitar, Julian Le-Keys)



new tracks up!

Pop psychedelic stuff

We're puttin on a show at kerckhoff on November 7th! Dope lineup... Some of my favorite LA musicians are coming together to put on this show with me. Here is the link!

Playing sold out show with the amazing Aditya Prakash and Le J trio Collective at the Brand theater in Glendale! Performing after us will be tabla virtuoso Abhiman Kaushal and his group.

Playing a sold out show opening for ClaraC tonight at the ROXY (sunset strip) with Dumbfoundead! Gunna be tight!
Been working on music for my first fully polished album. Stay tuned!
Check the calendar for show updates.

10.2.11 -- live footage!

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